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Dissertation coaching USA

Originally from the boston area, sabrina graduated cum laude from georgetown university in 2014 with a ba in history and theatre & performance studies. Her work abroad cultivated her interest in examining the legacy of internal and external conflict on societies and examining. In her undergraduate thesis, ella examined the identity crisis faced by black and white marylanders during the civil war and reconstruction.

Her masters dissertation consisted of an in-depth analysis of palestinian female suicide bombers and israeli settler women in the west bank. His undergraduate honors thesis examined political collaboration in german-occupied europe during the second world war as well as conceptions of european identity and community that accompanied it. Thalias research interests focus on the role of media in social unrest and revolution in the second half of the 20th century.

His bachelors thesis examined the political self-conceptions of italian intellectuals italo calvino and pier paolo pasolini during palmiro togliattis reign over the italian communist party, from 1944-1964. During her graduate studies, she wants to explore further the role of colonial law in modern india, gendered rights, identity and nationhood, poverty, social welfare, development, and the rights of subjects within a democratic framework. She also fosters a keen interest in architecture and criminal justice reform.

She then moved to new york city to work as a bilingual paralegal for a birth defects litigation firm, assisting with toxic tort cases in the dominican republic and argentina. Her research interests include but are not limited to imperialism and colonialism and japanese and east asian history. In particular, she is interested in looking at how rebellions against huge propaganda machines have used various forms of media to bring their struggle to an international arena.

During my time at columbia and the lse, i hope to sharpen my understanding of caste, nationalism, and revolution. She begun working for the senate in australias parliament in her senior year and more recently has worked for the foreign service, including at the australian mission to the united nations in new york. There he served in a variety of roles including head of private equity product development.

He wrote his senior thesis on the varying perceptions of constantinople and jerusalem during the first four crusades in order to deconstruct binary understandings of the crusading moment as a purely muslim vs. While at choate she was also involved with the critical issues forum at the james martin center for nonproliferation studies in monterey, ca. She also directed a feature-length unity and diversity documentary for the wheeler school. He has worked for a republican campaign fundraising firm in los angeles and in congressman kevin mccarthys congressional office in washington, d. He graduated cum laude from depaul university in march 2014 with a ba in chinese, russian, and arabic studies.

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Peter J. Reding, MBA, MCC Orlando, FL USA . Peter is a visionary coach, authentic leader and pioneer in the fields of professional coaching, learning, and authentic transformation.

Dissertation coaching USA

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Dissertation coaching USA Her work in the classroom and beyond has also emphasized the importance of cultivating an understanding of regional and global history as a basis for navigating our increasingly interconnected world. I am also interested in the emergence of the united states onto the world stage in the 19th and 20th centuries, and what this meant for the global system of international relations. My name is salaina catalano and im from rochester hills, michigan. For her ma thesis she will research brazilian radical educator paulo freires work in portuguese africa and assess the results of adult literacy campaigns in. Laurel used her summers to travel extensively, working with educational initiatives and ngos in africa, asia, and latin america. Living in strasbourg allowed me to have a better understanding of european refugee issues.
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    During her studies at the university of toronto, madeline also travelled to the balkans, examining the yugoslav wars and their enduring effects on life in the former yugoslavia. Sams broad interests centre on the histories of mass violence, grassroots activism and humanitarian action in the second half of the 20th century. Her research interests primarily include the intersection of race, culture and national identity, especially with regard to the history of immigration in the united states. He is also fascinated by the possibility of using quantitative and digital methods in the study of the humanities. Her prime area of study is the mongol empire with a focus on the indelible mark left by the armies of genghis khan.

    Ella is interested in issues regarding regional identity, national myths, and foreign policy and influence. Jenny traveled to the middle east where she worked with the dhiban excavation and development project, as well as practiced arabic. Her dissertation will focus on the cross-empire migration of slave and non-slave loggers from belize to yucatan in the late 1700s. He participated in the production of two documentaries about chinese students at the university of illinois, and his senior thesis was about the transnational experience of american-trained chinese scientists during the cold war. Originally from germany, alexandra graduated from university college utrecht in the netherlands with a ba magna cum laude in liberal arts and sciences with a focus on history, latin and journalism.

    He wrote his senior thesis on the varying perceptions of constantinople and jerusalem during the first four crusades in order to deconstruct binary understandings of the crusading moment as a purely muslim vs. Unidad popular coalition which held executive power in chile from 1970-1973. Rachel obtained a ba in history from kings college london, graduating with a first class honours and was awarded the associateship of kings college london, the universitys original qualification. Currently, wang is a freelance writer of the new york times. Conor then moved to san josé, costa rica, having been named a princeton in latin america fellow, and worked as a research assistant at the arias foundation for peace and human progress, a progressive think tank, where, among other accomplishments, he designed and drafted several multi-million dollar projects focusing on curbing cyclical community violence and runaway rates of homicide disproportionately affecting women and lgbtq-identified individuals in central america. Having spent time as both a student and leader in india, she also hopes to pursue these topics with an emphasis on south asia. Largely as a result of this class, her interests revolve around the modern history of international organizations, their policies, and the impact of those policies on britain. She wrote her senior thesis about the politics within the international olympic committee, specifically the debate in the 1960s and 70s about the inclusion of south africa in the olympic movement. His undergraduate dissertation examined the role of palaeontology in american popular culture in the late 19th century, and the ways in which popular scientific texts constructed prehistoric america as a mythic wilderness, capable of filling the symbolic role previously filled by the rapidly vanishing western frontier. Joslyn graduated from the university of michigan in 2010 with a ba in history.

    Columbia University and the London School of Economics offer a dual Master's degree program (MA/MSc) in International and World History. In some of the best history departments in the US and UK, students research and study the global processes and international affairs that have made our world.

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